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About Electric cars
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About Electric cars……

There is a huge amount of false information about electric cars which make owning an electric car seem a lot less simpler that it really is. So i’d like to get the two most talked about facts cleared up.

Electric car range this is often a worry for a lot of potential EV buyers. The truth is some electric cars are inconvenient for some users. At the moment New cars on the market tend have a real world average range of atleast 140 miles with over 200 being most common and some models having 300 or more. On the second hand market there is some sub 100mile range cars that while being impractical for some may well work fine for others. It’s important to get a vehicle that has the correct range & just as importantly the charging speed. There is no point in spending lots of money to have a 300+ mile range car with super fast charging if you almost never drive more than 100 miles in a day & likewise there is no point in having a 80mile range car if you travel 300 miles every day and don’t have time to stop & charge.

Charging speed if you often take long road trips charge speed is very important but a bit more complicated than range. It breaks down into two mane types of charging. Destination charging: This is what you would use at home or at a hotel or perhaps if you spent several hours shopping or at work etc. This can be anything from a household socket that will provide only around 10 miles of range per hour or up to 100miles of range for a dedicated 3 phase car charging connection. More often than not a destination charging will consists of a 7.5kw connection giving around 30 miles of range per hour. Rapid charging: This is what you use on journeys or for a quick top up when you are stopped for minutes rather than hours. Usually you don’t fully charge on Rapid chargers as they are more about getting what you need rather than fully charging & also because the charge speed slows as you get close to full charge. The general standard for this for anything other than a Tesla consists of a 50KWh charger which can deliver around 100 miles of range in 30 minutes. But with next generation chargers and improvements to EV battery this is changing. 100 miles in less than 15 minutes is possible with some new models. With 100miles every 5-10 minutes being soon possible.

So considering range & charging speed what’s it like driving an electric car if you live in Scotland. Well actually its dead easy especially in Scotland. Thanks to Charge Place Scotland & the Scottish government you have one network you can use through out the country and in locations in England. The network is set up in a way that no matter where you go in Scotland you will never be more than 25 miles from a rapid charger. In actual fact you will usually have several chargers within 25 miles & its getting better all the time.

Top ev’s we recommend

Kia E-Nero
Battery usable capacity 65kwh
miles per kWh 3.9
Range 255miles
50mile charge time >10min
Nissan Leaf
Used 30kwh Leaf
From £8,000
Battery usable capacity 25kwh
miles per kWh 4
Range 100miles
50mile charge time >12min
Hyundai Kona electric
Kona ev
Battery usable capacity 65kwh
miles per kWh 4.2
Range 275miles
50 mile charge time >9min
Renault Zoe
Used 40kwh Zoe
From £8,000
Battery usable capacity 38kwh
miles per kWh 4.2
Range 160miles
50miles charge time >20min
Renult Zoe
Battery usable capacity 50kwh
miles per kWh 4.2
Range 210miles
100 mile charge time >19min
e Golf
Used e Golf
From £12,000
Battery usable capacity 33kwh
miles per kWh 3.8
Range 125miles
50miles charge time >20min

Accommodation in Fort William Area

ARD Guest house & self catering cottage

On the shores of Loch Linnhe 10minutes walk from Fort William high street.

Free Parking with 7kw charging onsite & Private 50kw Rapid charger less than a mile from accommodation.

Prices from £100 per night

Book on or

view of Ben Nevis from Corpach

Corpach cottage

5 minute walk from Corpach centre 4 miles from Fort william.

Free Parking with 2kw & 7kw charging on site & 22kw charging 10 minutes walk.

Bedroom with kingsize bed

 Guisachan Guesthouse

5 minutes walk from town centre

free parking on site but of site charging 22kw & 50kw charging 6 minutes walk.

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