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Looking for a unique personal adventure but feel life is to short to spend hours organising things

Old man of Storr Skye
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Sunset Skye

9 hour Skye Tour from £430 You will be collected around 8am then travel to Mallaig shortly before boarding the boat to Skye. Then travel north through breathtaking scenery including a visit to the magical fairy glens & lunch break in Portree. Then returning south crossing the Skye bridge & completing the loop back to Fort William. With this option you can add up to 3 walks on Skye

glen finnan viaduct and steam train

10 hour Skye Tour £470 This tour includes an extra hour on the way to Mallaig to include options such as visiting Glenfinnan it costs £30 more. But you can only add a maximum of 2 walks on Skye

Sunset Glen Brittle

7 Hour Tour £350. This is an ideal option if you are looking for a more chilled day. Or if you wish to add your own flexible time. It includes taking the scenic costal route to Mallaig, taking the boat to Skye & visiting the fairy pools. Unfortunately none of the walks can be added to this tour but you can add up to 7 hours of flexible time. Don’t worry we will have plenty of suggestions

Walks cost £80 & add approximately 2 hours to your tour

Fairy pools is our most requested place to visit on the island its not only a beautiful site but also the easiest walk

woman standing at fairy pools Skye taking photo of her friend

Old man of storr is a tough walk but if you are up to it its a place you will never forget

Woman looking at view of old man of storr

Quiraing is my personal favourite just stunning from start to end

Quiraing Skye

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